Chief Executive Officer

Matt Barnett is a nationally recognized expert on physical and cybersecurity, incident response, identity theft, and digital forensics. His expertise is backed by decades of combined information security and law enforcement experience.
As a certified forensic analyst, Matt conducts various investigations for clients in the public and private sectors. It is with his technical competency, professionalism, and strategies, that he is able to protect his clients from threats and cyberterrorism.
Because of his expertise and recognition in the field, Matt is consistently regarded as the go-to cybersecurity expert for NBC in Philadelphia. As a seasoned interviewer, he has made countless appearances on the news as well as on web and podcast shows.

Managing Consultant & Cofounder

As a founding partner and principal consultant at SEVN-X, Ryan employs his training, experience, and expertise in helping organizations assess and protect their information security assets as well as respond to cybersecurity events. Ryan’s skillset has been forged from an extensive amount of field work—across various verticals—serving in both strategic and tactical security roles. SEVN-X requires all of its team members to be experts in information security and that starts from the top down.

Director, Advisory Services

Mark brings over 20 years of experience in IT Risk and Security including PCI DSS compliance, risk assessment, security frameworks such as ISO and NIST. Mark served as Chief Information Security Officer of a financial services company where he redesigned and revamped the security program. Mark has served as the interim or virtual CISO for several organizations and holds the CISSP and CISA certifications.

Director, Offensive Security

As the Director of Offensive Security, Eric's primary focus is to ensure professional services engagements are conducted with comprehensive and cutting-edge competency. Eric draws upon his experience from active threat hunting on a blue team and has refined his offensive skill set with years of red team execution. Having purview into both sides of InfoSec, Eric assists clients in achieving better cybersecurity with a modern and holistic approach in SEVN-X's offensive engagements.
Eric has tested small, medium, and large organizations across various industries such as finance, healthcare, and higher education. A vast and diverse experience that Eric combines with unique talents to define SEVN-X's testing methodologies and deliver real-world recommendations tailored to each client and their specific needs.

Director, Adversary Operations

As the Director of Adversary Operations, Vitaliy focuses on gathering up-to-date intel on constantly evolving adversarial TTPs, figuring out ways to bypass security controls, and providing client's valuable insights to tune and improve their monitoring and alerting. Vitaliy draws from over a decade of experience in professional services and research. Vitaliy’s professional services experience has been primarily focused on executing penetration testing against infrastructure and applications. His research experience is fixated on improving detection capabilities, engineering security solutions for visibility, and leveraging available threat actor data points to keep client environments ready for new and emerging threats.

Account Executive

Mike joins us to help SEVN-X continue to grow! He brings 40+ years in information technology sales, with the last 7+ years in information security services sales. His career has spanned all aspects of sales and marketing for regional services firms, building brand awareness and customer loyalty by delivering outstanding value in the people and functional services he brought to those customers. He has a keen knowledge of what it takes to sell and market services to the corporate prospect, utilizing a mix of old school and new tech approaches to serve. Already a familiar face to many of our customers, Mike brings a seasoned perspective to the business, as well as a natural ability to make our customers’ experiences satisfying and fun.

Security Consultant

As a penetration tester, Stephen has done work for clients across many industries, such as finance, higher education, and shipping and logistics. He is particularly adept at using social engineering to achieve unauthorized access and demonstrate the importance of proper end-user training. He leverages an in-depth knowledge of information security to articulate risk in an understandable fashion, and he looks forward to helping clients adopt fitting solutions that meet their unique needs.
Stephen brings both cybersecurity experience and business expertise to SEVN-X. As a recent graduate from Penn State's Master of Management and Organizational Leadership program, he complements his technical skillset with keen consideration for business operations, management challenges, and strategic planning.

Security Consultant

Ian is focused on providing unique security assessments, advisory, and response services for clients across diverse industries. His passion for offensive security (such as penetration testing, web and mobile application security, physical security and social engineering) and holistic security reviews makes him a well rounded cybersecurity professional. Other areas of expertise for Ian include strong communications skills, detailed technical writing abilities, and the ability to present complex results to a wide audience that aid in making well-informed decisions.