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Using WiFi?

Do this: Update your networking devices ASAP.
Why: A security researcher specializing in Wi-Fi bugs has reported multiple vulnerabilities, which he called FragAttacks, that affect the Wi-Fi standard itself. The name is short for “fragmentation and aggregation attacks.” Exploiting these vulnerabilities could allow attackers within radio range to steal information or attack devices on users networks.
Additional Info: https://threatpost.com/fragattacks-wifi-bugs-millions-devices/166080/

Using Windows?

Do this: Apply the latest Microsoft security patches.
Why: "Microsoft on Tuesday rolled out its scheduled monthly security update with patches for 55 security flaws affecting Windows, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer, Office, Hyper-V, Visual Studio, and Skype for Business."
Additional Info: https://thehackernews.com/2021/05/latest-microsoft-windows-updates-patch.html

Using Adobe Reader?

Do this: Apply the latest Adobe security updates.
Why: Adobe has released security updates for the month of May with fixes for multiple vulnerabilities spanning 12 different products. Included in the updates is a fix for a zero-day flaw affecting Adobe Reader that's been actively exploited in the wild.
Additional Info: https://thehackernews.com/2021/05/alert-hackers-exploit-adobe-reader-0.html

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