NBC 10 Philadelphia joins up with SEVN-X to learn how we put physical security measures to the ultimate test by executing a real break-in, just like the bad guys. All to keep your staff, infrastructure, and data safe.

The Video

What Does it Take to Keep You Safe?

Admittedly, the amount of people that have the skillset, capabilities, and moral integrity to compromise an organization's physical and cyber security—without actually taking, destroying, or harming valuable assets of an organization, is remarkably small. In fact, Keith Pachulski (Red Cell Security), recently noted in an interview with SEVN-X that there may be as few as 20 security companies in the country, which can actually conduct this type of testing with this level of proficiency and precision.

There are many cybersecurity companies that offer physical testing as a bolt-on to other services, but SEVN-X excels at assessing, bypassing, and helping remediate physical security deficiencies. For more information about SEVN-X's approach, tactics, training, and assessments, use our contact form to request a free consult.

About the Authors

Matt Barnett, CISSP, GFCA
Chief Strategist & Cofounder

After years in IT, performing network and system administration, software development, and architecting cloud migrations, Matt began to focus his efforts in cybersecurity. Matt draws on his technical competency and law enforcement background to assist clients, in both proactive and incident response capacities. In addition, Matt has developed an arsenal of applications, strategies, policies, and procedures to assist clients in achieving better cybersecurity.

Ryan Bradbury, CISSP, OSCP
Principal Consultant & Cofounder

As a founding partner and principal consultant at SEVN-X, Ryan employs his training, experience, and expertise in helping organizations assess and protect their information security assets as well as respond to cybersecurity events. Ryan’s skillset has been forged from an extensive amount of field work—across various verticals—serving in both strategic and tactical security roles. SEVN-X requires all of its team members to be experts in information security and that starts from the top down.